Fried eel & bitter gourd Bentoうなぎの白焼き丼弁当

<Grilled eel bowl Bento>

■Grilled eel bowl
1 piece grilled plain eel
1 tablespoon Japanese sake
Yuzu-kosho / Japanese citrus & chili paste
Kujo-negi / Japanese thin, green leek
1 cucumber
1 Myoga / fragrant Japanese ginger
5 Rakkyo / sweet & sour pickled scallions
1+1/2 servings steamed rice

1. Slice the cucumber thin and sprinkle salt (not mentioned in the ingredients). When the cucumber slices soften, squeeze to drain excess liquid.
2. Chop the Myoga & Rakkyo finely.
3. Slice the Kujo-negi thin.
4. Combine 1 & 2 with steamed rice.
5. Place the grilled eel in a frying pan, sprinkle with Japanese sake and warm the eel; covered with a lid.
6. Spread Yuzu-kosho on the eel and sprinkle with salt.
* Fill the Bento Box with 4, place 6 on top, then top with a good amount of Kujo-negi.



1. ミョウガとらっきょうを刻む
2. きゅうりを切り塩(分量外)をふってしんなりしたら絞る
3. 九条ネギを切る
4. ご飯に1と2を和える
5. 切ったうなぎをフライパンにのせ、酒をふって蓋をする
6. 温まったら柚子胡椒を塗る
* 弁当箱に 4のご飯を詰め、6のうなぎをのせ、九条ネギをたっぷりのせる