Beef BBQ Onigiri Bento焼肉おにぎり弁当

<Beef BBQ Onigiri Bento>

■Beef BBQ Onigiri
100 g beef
200 g steamed rice
1 green onion
1 tablespoon Korean BBQ sauce
Nori/Japanese dried seaweed sheet

1. Fry the beef in an oiled frying pan.
2. Add green onion & the Korean BBQ sauce.
3. Lay a cling wrap on a cutting board, place the steamed rice, and form into Onigiri shape.
4. Make a slit at the top of Onigiri, and fill it with 2.
5. Wrap 4 with the Nori.

Ohba/Japanese sweet basil
Japanese pickles


1. 油の入ったフライパンに牛肉を入れ炒める
2. 万能ネギと焼肉のタレを加える
3. まな板にラップをしき、ご飯をのせて形を整える
4. 形を整えたおにぎりに切れ込みを入れ、2をつめる
5. 4にのりをまく